Green Heart offers you easy access to local services

Society of Green Heart Travel Companies offer several kinds of travel services in Ylöjärvi and Hämeenkyrö

Vihreä Sydän – Green Heart in English – is a society of travel companies. We are located in Ylöjärvi and Hämeenkyrö region in Finland. Our destinations are within easy access nearby Tampere region. Green Heart reprerents countryside-like local tourism: you don't need to travel far away in order to find an adventure!

Green Heart offers services for different needs

We offer services of several kinds: activities, catering, food and beverage, accommodation and transfer services. You can explore the list of our companies in here.

We also offer versatile travel and activity packages for groups. Read more (in Finnish only).

Discover your Green Heart!


Tanja Lahti
Secretary of Green Heart Society of Travel Companies
Tel. +358 50 364 6052